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Health Insurance

The foundation for your health plan. This is what pays your doctor and hospital bills. These policies can come in three different types: traditional or marketplace, non-qualified, and faith-based. 

Traditional or Marketplace Plan: These plans are also referred to as ObamaCare or Qualified Health Plans. They are "sign and go" and require no health questions to qualify. In most cases, they have higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. They can come with or without a co-pay. If purchased on the marketplace, they can come with a supplement, which is paid by the government and is determined by income. Enrollment in these plans can only be done during either special enrollment periods (usually November through mid-December) or if there is a qualifying life event.

Non-Qualified Plan: The plans are also referred to as short-term medical plans. They lack some of the built-in pieces of the Qualified plans but typically have lower deductibles, no copays, no prescription benefits, and require preexisting health questions. They can be purchased from one month to 12 months. These plans usually cost much less than the Traditional Qualified plans.

Faith-based: These plans mirror the traditional plans, and sometimes do have health questions. They are an in between option of traditional and non-qualified plans. They read like a health plan and are designed similar but do not follow all of the rules of a marketplace plan.

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